Mr. Greg Limon

"The Gulf Region, with Dubai at its epicenter, is now a clear blockchain front-runner, especially since everywhere else has imposed restrictive COVID-19 related lockdowns that have stifled their blockchain innovation. In the blink of an eye, Dubai has displaced former blockchain hot spots such as Switzerland, Malta, Hong Kong and even Singapore - so we have shifted our focus to where it makes the most business sense."

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Professor Graham Leach

"The sheer number of different blockchain projects now coming into the Gulf Region is simply staggering, and they are being made to feel most welcome. The royal families of the UAE and Saudi Arabia have produced between them a diversity of innovation ecosystems along state-directed, state-supported and emergent innovation models that cater to every need. This makes the Gulf Region the most exciting place to be."

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Why Us?

Because we have worked for 30+ years each. Because we cover Business Development, Legal & Regulatory and Strategic Planning. Because we have worked across move than 50 industry sectors. Because we have connections everywhere. Because we span traditional and emerging business. Because we have specialize in helping blockchain and crypto-oriented businesses discover their message and sustainability formula. Because we are successful.

One of our Unique Sales Propositions is the fact that we span the Academic and Business worlds. One of our Partners has been teaching at TOP50 universities for over 20 years. He has produced and collaborated on world-class academic research of the highest quality for journals, books and government reports.
The Partners of Avenador have over 100 years of working experience between them, in over 25 different industry sectors and they cover the 3 most imporant functions that a company requires (Busienss Development, Regulatory & Legal, and Strategic Planning. Go with us, you won't regret it.
Whether it comes to boosing an existing business, extending a business, pivoting a business, launching a new business or helping to attract Human, Intellectual, Social or Financial Capital to companies, we have dozens of success stories to share. Over USD2B in business value generated so far.


Avenador offers a comprehensive range of business-related services to both traditional and emergent firms. We understand business.


Whether it comes to your Tokenomics or Business Model sustainability, we can help to bring clarity to the situation.


We offer business formation and bank account opening services in over 100 countries worldwide.


You cannot manage what you do not measure - but are you measuring the right things in the right way?


Do you need a CFO, Solidity programmer or Sales & Marketing person - but not full time? We can help.


In most cases, it's "what you don't know you don't know" that can kill your business. Let us help to protect you.


Companies that grow tactically or organically often have a confused story. We help you to rediscover your message.

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